Wearable Art for Creative Souls
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Hello! My name is Holly and I am the artist behind Holly Jackson Art!

Growing up in a little beach town called Crescent Head, I have been painting and drawing ever since I could remember. I just LOVE it! I come from a family of artists and have sold artworks both in Australia and Internationally.

I studied Visual Art Teaching at Newcastle University and have also completed my Masters in Painting at The Collage of Fine Art in Sydney, NSW. I simply love being creative!

In 2013 I met my partner Dan and moved to Adelaide, where I became pregnant with our son Harry in 2014 (he is now 4.5). I wanted more bright, original and fun clothes for him to wear so this is when I began painting baby clothes for him, and then for friends and then began to sell them! We have since added Indigo to our family (2yrs).

Making these mini artworks for your beautiful babes, allows me to work from home and spend more time with my babies. Thank you so much for supporting my little business! 

You can follow my creative journey on Instagram www.instagram.com/hollyjacksonart 

or join the Facebook page www.facebook.com/hollyjacksonart

I am slowly getting back into making art as well so stay tuned! Exciting things are coming!